FAQ #1 How long before the order arrives should I order?

The sooner the better! As a rule, we know 14 days in advance. However, we are known to find a suitable solution for our customers even in the case of short-term orders.

FAQ #2 What is the process of placing an order on our website?

After placing your order on our website, we will contact you by phone and go through the framework conditions of the enquiry in order to be able to offer you an optimal service. Afterwards, you will receive the delivery date from us, based on your desired delivery date.

FAQ #3 What information is needed for a tailor-made offer?

We need your name, address and product request. Depending on the product, we will take a look at the general conditions on site in order to be able to supply you optimally.

FAQ #4 What are the ordering options?

It is possible to order online via our contact form, by e-mail at info@lukeneder.de or by phone at +49 375 873 99 79-0.

FAQ #5 What payment methods are possible?

Within Germany, payment is provided by invoice or by direct debit.

Within the EU (including the UK) must be paid in advance.

FAQ #6 Does Lukeneder also deliver to my address?

We deliver all over Europe. If you have any questions and would like to be on the safe side, please contact us.

FAQ #7 Is there a minimum order value?

There is currently no minimum order value.

FAQ #8 What happens when products arrive inadequate?

Our General Terms and Conditions regulate the handling of defective products. More detailed information can be found here: Lukeneder AGBs

FAQ #9 How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

We always strive to provide you with attractive information about us and our products as well as the news about biogas and animal hygiene. If you do not wish to take advantage of this option, there is the button „unsubscribe“ in the lower part of the newsletter.

FAQ #10 How does Lukeneder handle my privacy?

We are aware that it is important to you how we handle your personal information. That is why we protect your data in accordance with the regulations that exist under the General Data Protection Regulation. Here you will find the exact regulation: Data protection

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